Frequently Asked Questions

Tablet for company use?

How does the tablet’s battery last for the entire customer visit? Does it have to be recharged all the time?

The tablet’s battery lasts for quite a long time, clearly longer than laptop batteries, for example. When the tablet has been fully recharged, it can normally be used for the entire working day, with power left over afterwards. The tablet can also be recharged as easily as and much more quickly than a laptop.

Sometimes during a customer visit it is difficult to find a network connection. It is often a problem, especially in remote locations and underground premises. How does Eatech Portable operate in these conditions?

Eatech Portable remains fully functional without a network connection. Eatech Portable contains all the product and customer information needed in sales work. When making the order, Eatech Portable stores all entered information automatically, regardless of whether a network connection is available or not. When the connection is available, Eatech Portable sends the order and synchronises it with the enterprise resource planning system.

Why should we use precious time to learn how to use a new system, even though the existing telephone + laptop model has worked well so far?

Eatech Portable is very easy and simple to use. Learning how to use it does not take much time, since Eatech Portable has been designed to be so intuitive that all operations can be found logically, and the device is easy to operate without any special skills. The time spent learning the system will pay itself back multiple times in the future as the working time becomes more efficient. The sellers are pleased, as well, when their time can be used for actual sales work instead of handling orders.

Is the tablet really of any use in business? Isn’t it just a toy for games and entertainment, rather than a real tool?

The tablet has many properties that make it very well suited for many kinds of work use. The tablet is thin, light and easy to carry anywhere. Its display can be used to show the product to the customer anywhere, and the device’s use is not tied to a desk. The tablet does not necessarily need a special place where to put it, so orders are easy to register, regardless of the customer’s facilities. The tablet can also be connected to a widescreen projector for presentations to larger groups. In addition, the tablet’s battery can last for the whole working day on one charge.

How is Eatech Portable updated? Are any updates even available?

Updates are available for Eatech Portable even after delivery. The updates can be installed remotely without having to deliver the tablet to the office. It is also up to the operators to decide when they want to install the update.

If I want to do something else with my tablet other than use Eatech Portable, can I synchronise the files created on the tablet with my PC, for example?

Eatech Portable operates on the Windows 8.1 platform, so it can be very easily synchronised with other computers.

Is the tablet safe to use? What if outsiders are able to access our enterprise resource planning system during web use?

Eatech Portable utilises an encrypted VPN connection, guaranteeing that no unauthorised persons can in any situation get between the tablet and the enterprise resource planning system. Therefore, Eatech Portable is extremely secure to use anywhere.

We are already using a good enterprise resource planning system that we do not in any circumstances want to change. Why bother getting to know Eatech Portable?

Eatech Portable is not meant to replace any existing enterprise resource planning systems. Instead it works in cooperation with your existing system. Eatech Portable complements the possible defects in your system, particularly with regard to mobile work. Our sales team is happy to provide more information!