Eatech Portable Services

Supervision of work

Eatech Portable provides real-time information about the situation of maintenance staff. It helps to schedule and divide work optimally: the right person can be sent to the right place at the right time. In unexpected situations, it is easier to see how the most suitable person can be sent to the right location as quickly as possible.

Accepting work

Work tasks are accepted and handled practically using Eatech Portable. The regular maintenance visits are automatically added to the work list, and one-off maintenance visits can be entered into the system even in the field. There are fewer mistakes and forgotten things, which improves customer service.

Service visits

Maintenance staff can clearly view the work situation from Eatech Portable on a daily, weekly or monthly level. The day’s tasks can also be viewed on a map in order to plan a smooth order of visits. When the daily tasks are divided between the maintenance team, it is easy to pick a task from the list and assign a suitable person for the job.

Customer information

All up-to-date customer information – addresses, contact persons, agreed practices – are easy to take along to the maintenance visits with Eatech Portable. No need to memorise anything, since the information can be found in the customer files.

Maintenance site information and service history

Eatech Portable stores all information and maintenance history for the maintenance site, such as technical information, maintenance instructions, and any operations carried out on-site. This facilitates the work already during the maintenance visit’s planning stage.

Spare parts information

All spare parts information for the maintenance site are up to date in Eatech Portable, where they are quick and easy to find. Therefore, when having been alerted to the site, there is no need to call the warehouse to ensure the availability of spare parts before being able to tell the customer when the maintenance site will be operational again.

Entering the maintenance work

When the maintenance staff arrive at the site, they sign in Eatech Portable that the work has been started. They register the spare parts used in the work directly from the spare parts list and add working time, kilometres, and other necessary information. They can take pictures of the site and add them in the documentation. They can also ask for an electronic signature from the client for the work done and send the information directly to invoicing. Finally, the maintenance person signs off the completed work and moves on to the next location. Everything is carried out fluently and efficiently from start to finish.

Map display

Eatech Portable’s map display enables real-time viewing of the work sites of the maintenance personnel. The categorising and navigating between customers can also be carried out with the Eatech Portable application.

Connection to the enterprise resource planning system

Eatech Portable brings extended life and additional usability to the current enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. It can be integrated with existing systems, thereby making the up-to-date information always available. Correspondingly, any changes performed in the field are immediately visible at the office. However, Eatech Portable does not bind the enterprise to the current ERP system – should you need to change systems, Eatech Portable can be linked again to the new system.

Monitoring of working hours

The monitoring and reporting of working hours, along with analyses and development of operation, become easier when there is sufficient data to back up decision-making.

Availability, even in the absence of a network connection

Entering the maintenance tasks is not tied to the operability of a network: all Eatech Portable functions remain operational offline, completely without a network connection. A network connection is required only for updates to the information to the enterprise resource planning system.


Eatech Portable’s functions can be modified to suit specific business needs. The idea is that the mobile maintenance person can use Eatech Portable to enter all information with one tool, easily and securely.