Eatech Portable Services

Eatech Portable Services -

reduces costs, improves the quality of operations, and increases efficiency.

Direct the maintenance work straight to the right person or group. Utilise the map functionality while planning the maintenance work. When the maintenance work is signed off as started, you can view in real time who is working at each work site. The monitoring and reporting of working hours, along with analyses and development of operation, become easier when there are sufficient data to back up the decision-making.

It is easy to log maintenance work and visits. Search the part list for the spare parts used, and enter them under the maintenance work. Add the working time used, kilometers driven, and other necessary information. If needed, take a photo of the maintenance item and add it to the documentation. Get the customer’s electronic signature, and send the information directly to the invoicing staff.

Hold on to your top experts: The modern work-entry application adds to the employers’ motivation to complete the documentation and related work. They can concentrate on the essentials when these procedures can be handled easily and without extra effort.