Why Eatech Portable Sales?

Eatech Portable Sales

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Questions answered by Lari Majamäki, Development Manager at Prima Pet Premium Oy

What was the situation in your company before you started to use the Eatech Portable Sales product?

Before starting to use the first version of the product, our salespersons primarily registered the orders on paper during customer visits. Later, the orders were entered in the computer and sent by e-mail to the office, where the same order was handled – for even the third time before finally being entered in the ordering system.

You have stated that your sales workers each save an hour of working time per day now. How is this achieved?

Thanks to the application, there is no need to enter the sales orders by hand. That time can now be used for sales and customer meetings. The seller can send the order to be processed already during the customer meeting, and the customer can get confirmation of the order immediately if that is necessary. This makes the operations seem efficient and reliable also to the customer. A lot of working time is saved in office operations too, since the orders are no longer processed manually. Human error in entry of information has decreased clearly.

Why Eatech Portable and not an online shop, for example?

The biggest reason for selecting a separate tablet application and not an online shop for the sellers was that an online shop requires a continuous Internet connection in order to operate. The strength of Eatech Portable is precisely that it requires an Internet connection only for updating the information and sending the order. The seller can work all day without any connections and then send the orders at a suitable moment when a connection is available.

There are still many parts of Finland where mobile connections do not operate properly, not to mention plenty of underground shopping centres. In practice, the use of an online shop requires a built-in connection. The work would be impossible if the connection is breaking up while the customer is waiting.

In addition, Eatech Portable allows making several orders simultaneously and storing unfinished orders in the device’s memory. Often it happens that the seller saves the unfinished order and waits a few hours or even a day for an additional order from the customer, if the delivery is not very urgent. The additional item(s) can be added easily to the same order for sending to the office later. If a small additional order were to arrive as a separate order, that would mean more work for the staff handling the orders in the office, and at our company also in the warehouse, since the request probably would already have been forwarded there.

Eatech Portable does not replace an online shop, but it is an excellent addition. Therefore, it is very suitable for companies that have sellers in the field. Product brochures and portfolios can be left in the office, and the products can be displayed directly on the screen. Being able to see the storage situation and the purchase order book is very professional. You do not have to sell without actually having the products in stock – and knowing that they are in stock.

What are your views on the product’s usability?

I dare say that Eatech Portable can really be used to SELL products/services, not only for taking orders from the customer. I have heard our sellers say the same thing. The application’s user interface is clear, and its operation logic is consistent. Even a sales rep used to old habits learns quickly to use the application.

Would you recommend the Eatech Portable product to others?

Of course!