Eatech Portable Sales

Real-time customer information, easily carried and updated

Retaining satisfied customers and gaining new ones is essential for profitable business operations. Successful sales are rooted mostly in up-to-date information, essential for business operations, which makes it easier for the sales personnel to meet customer requirements.

You do not have to memorise anything, since the information can be found in customer files – easily, quickly, and without effort.

Customer information

Up-to-date, portable product information and price lists

You can carry all of the information you need, in up-to-date form – and find it easily and quickly. Combine your company’s product information and all supplementary material into one easy-to-use package that supports sales, and see all of the product-related information immediately: brochures, manuals, pictures, and video content. Piles of paper become obsolete, so you can help nature, reduce costs, and forget all about those printed product catalogues.

The up-to-date price lists are included in the product information and can be carried with ease. Even the pricing takes place in real time: price lists, customer price lists, discount rates, prices for product families, campaign prices, etc. – everything is taken into consideration.

product information

Customers’ sales history

View the customer’s sales history. You can look at the customer’s total sales and how sales have developed month by month. Then you can examine more detailed information at product group or product level. Refer to product-specific information, such as the price previously used in selling to this customer. All of this facilitates planning of sales work and improves your total sales.

Customers' sales history

Up-to-date warehouse stocks and order books

When visiting the customer, do you have to call the office to make sure that the product is available? Not anymore: You can view the warehouse balance in real time. In addition, you can check from the purchase order information whether more products are to arrive, when, and in what quantity. If required, you can also view the undelivered sales items and the dates for their delivery.

No selling beyond stocks can take place, since the system always displays availability information in real time (it is, of course, possible to sell beyond these limits in a controlled, deliberate manner if this is required, with tracking of sales and items sold but not yet delivered).

warehouse stocks and order books

Impressive product presentations

Images and videos make the product more interesting to the customer. And slow network connections are no problem with Eatech Portable, because everything works offline too.

You can connect your device to a wide-screen projector or another large display, enabling an impressive display mode of Eatech Portable: with a single press of a button, the image is shown full-screen, and a double press starts a slide show.

product presentation

Easy ordering and offers

It is easy to prepare an order or offer in co-operation with the customer during the customer visit. You no longer have to enter the same order two or even three times in various systems afterward. You can save the unfinished order or send it to the office as soon as it is ready. The order information can be transferred automatically and without errors to the warehouse and invoicing department, if the enterprise resource planning does not limit this. If required, the customer receives the offer or order confirmation immediately, even before you have moved on to the next customer visit.

ordering and quotation

Map display

You can view the results of your customer search as a list or on a map. The map shows the locations of your customers. The symbol, its colour, and its size can be adjusted as required for easy displaying of location, classifications related to the customer relationship, the time of the last visit, or total annual sales. When you need to locate the customer, you can use the map application ‘on the fly’ (in navigation) or utilise it when planning your visits.

map display

Connection to the enterprise resource planning system

Eatech Portable brings added value and extended life to the current enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Eatech Portable can be integrated with existing office systems, such as those for customer management, resource planning, financial administration, inventory management, and monitoring of working hours, thereby making the up-to-date information always available to the sales staff – and, correspondingly, any updates and other changes performed in the field by sales personnel are immediately visible at the office.

The usability of your ERP system can be expanded also through additional services for Eatech Portable, especially if your current ERP system is a pre-designed product that does not support your business operations in some respects. At the same time, Eatech Portable does not tie you to your current ERP system. Should you need to change systems, Eatech Portable can be linked to a new ERP system.

integration with existing systems


Eatech Portable is not just a ready ‘take it or leave it’ package product; instead, its functions can be modified to suit your specific business needs.

The idea behind Eatech Portable is that, apart from the telephone, the moving seller does not need any other tools than the touchscreen device, which can be used to take care of all ‘paperwork’ related to the customer visit – the maintenance of customer information, product presentations, offers, orders, and registering and maintenance of the visits – already during the visit.

Moving sales work differs between one company and the next: the focus might be on visit management, product presentations, or making offers or orders. No matter the emphasis, Eatech Portable is a suitable solution.


Availability even in the absence of a network connection

If required, all functions can be used without a network connection (i.e., offline). Your sales work is not tied to the operability of a network connection. A network connection is required only for updates to the information.

offline feature