Eatech Portable Sales

Eatech Portable Sales – reduce costs, improve the quality of the operations, and increase sales!

A tablet and a phone for setting up customer visits is the only tools the seller needs.

Be kind to nature, cut costs, and forget all about printed product catalogues. Carry out your product demonstrations in style. You can prepare the order or offer alongside the customer, completely and without hassle. There's no need to worry about stock issues, since the system always displays what is available, in real time. The sales order is transferred without errors to the office system and warehouse. Therefore, the invoices lead to fewer claims, and the warehouse has fewer returned products to handle. The seller has more time for sales work when the whole customer visit, including all related ‘paperwork’, can be completed during the visit directly. Also, the office saves money, because handling of the sales orders is mostly automated and the sellers no longer have to check with the office on warehouse quantities.

Hold on to your top sellers: This modern application increases the sellers’ motivation and interest in the work. When their tools are in order, they can concentrate on what matters.