Eatech Portable

The secret behind successful and efficient work performance.

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Everything you need, easily – carry with you the up-to-date information needed for customer meetings.

Eatech Portable is a modern touchscreen-based, tablet-operated application for mobile sales and maintenance.
Do all of your ‘paperwork’ without paper, in one go, during the customer visit itself –

quickly, reliably, and efficiently!


Connect Eatech Portable to your office system and enhance your sales or maintenance operations and their manageability.
You may even be able to extend the life of your current system, as the entity serves your operations better than the current solution.
Eatech Portable can operate even without a network connection – you can get your job done in any situation.


Selectable customer visit solutions

Portable Sales

application for sales

Portable Sales

Assistance for a seller on the go

Features that include

Product demonstrations
Making orders and offers

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Portable Service

application for maintenance

Portable Services

For a maintenance representative on the move

Features that include

Logging of the maintenance work
Monitoring of working hours
Travel expense reports

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